my ethos

Each day I ask myself the question How Big Is My Love? How sprawling is my love, how unruly, how vast, how deep? Who can my love reach, who can it touch, who can it accept, who can it hold, who can it accommodate? How healing is my love, how accepting, how peaceful, how fulfilling, how comforting, how nurturing? How strong is my love, how robust, how secure, how rugged, how relentless? How patient is my love, how kind, how tolerant, how faithful, how peaceful?

My love is a journey. Each day I aim to expand my love. It is through love that I can connect with, understand, and accept others. My love is healing, it heals my heart of jealousy, hurt, anger, resentment, pain. My love is on offer to the world and the people in it. My mission is to love you. I believe it is through love that we can grow, flourish, and connect as human beings.

I express my love of the world and the people in it in creative and passionate ways which bring me fulfilment.

You may want to ask yourself, how big is your love?

a hug for the atmosphere

a hug for the atmosphere


2 thoughts on “my ethos

  1. Beautiful and inspiring! I want to be more conscientious about my mission to love every human being on the earth every day!

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